"The school kept my faith bubbling when I was younger."

"These lessons have brought me closer to the Lord Jesus and I've grown more in patience, in learning to pray more constantly and learning to rely more the Lord."

"I was a Christian but I was backslidden for 15 years.  When my friend introduced me to these lessons, I asked the Lord to forgive my sins."

"I am blessed by this study in prison, everyday I learn new words in the Bible as I read it.  I love my Bible because it teaches me to live right in this evil world....Doing this lesson in prison keep me out of problems everyday with people."

"These lessons have been very fulfilling.  They have brought me an inner peace that I have not experienced before."

Cameroon, West Africa:
"These lessons have helped me to have the interest in searching and reading the scriptures every day."

North Carolina:
"God has blessed me richly.  I have learned answers to old questions non-believers always ask.  I have learned the importance of reading and remaining faithful in my reading.  Everyday God takes me on a new journey."

"This lesson has completely changed my life."

Puerto Rico:
"I was hospitalized recently and felt so far away from God but the more I read and studied about God the more I just knew He was with me."

"It is a wonderful blessing studying with the Bible Correspondence School.  Oftentimes I would read my Bible but didn't understand it, but when I studied the lesson, I got the full understanding."

"Since i have started the Bible lessons, I have drawn closer to the Lord.  The cords that were broken between the Lord and me are now mended and if I ever thought of turning back, that thought is no longer there."
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